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Dolphin Watching

Dolphin Watching

40€ / per person
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Join us for a dolphin Adventure on-board our purpose built Dolphin watching family catamaran, with its fabulous and completely safe viewing platform. This vessel is suitable to the young, seniors and disabled alike, equipped with comfortable seating throughout, and wheelchair accessible. On board this catamaran there is plenty of room to move around, there is also a bar, toilets and shelter from the sun.


This trip lasts from 1hr 30 minutes to to two hours, granting you enough time to relax and enjoy your time spent with us and the dolphins, and any other marine life we may encounter. There is no absolute guarantee we will see Dolphins, though our trips have over a 95% success rate.


The check-in is due 15 minutes before departure at our meeting point in the Marina de Lagos.




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1:30 - 2:00 hours

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